PAW Protests BLM Q2 Lease Sale Final Environmental Analysis

Biden Administration decision eliminates opportunities for Wyoming oil and natural gas industry without justification

May 18, 2022

Casper, Wyo. –

Today, the Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) submitted a formal protest of the Wyoming BLM Q2 Oil & Gas Lease Final Environmental Analysis (EA). The BLM’s final EA slashes more than 76% of the acreage originally nominated for leases without sufficient explanation – despite being deemed available for leasing by the BLM’s own Resource Management Plans (RMP) across Wyoming.

“The BLM’s EA is another step in the Biden Administration’s publicly stated goal of eliminating public lands production,” said PAW President Pete Obermueller. “After withholding lease sales for more than a year, the BLM has been dragged, kicking and screaming, to the table by the federal courts. Yet, when presented with the opportunity to spur domestic production, they have opted to do less than the bare minimum and now expect the industry to be thankful for the crumbs they have been given.”

“Wyomingites know that energy produced domestically is more reliable, sustainable, and safer than overseas production while providing immeasurable benefits to the state and its residents. PAW will continue to work on behalf of the industry and the communities across Wyoming the industry supports,” continued Obermueller.

In addition to protesting the BLM’s overuse of presumed discretion in deferring parcels, PAW also takes issue with the BLM’s lack of inclusion of social benefits of domestically-produced oil and natural gas and the BLM’s failure to justify why it is not adhering to its own RMP guidance regarding the Greater Sage-Grouse – despite that guidance being completed in accordance with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA).

PAW believes the BLM’s final EA is in violation of FLPMA, the Mineral Leasing Act and the Administrative Procedures Act. To read the full protest letter, including PAW’s December 10, 2021 comments on the BLM’s draft EA, click here.

About PAW: Representing Wyoming’s primary economic engine, the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, is the voice of the oil and gas industry. Our members produce 90% of Wyoming’s oil and gas, generating over $5 billion in economic activity and employing more than 19,000 of Wyoming’s hard-working men and women. PAW strives to foster mutually beneficial relationships with Wyoming’s landowners, businesses, and communities while promoting the sustainable production of Wyoming’s abundant resources.

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