Joint Statement on Guidance from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

In recent days, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality have released guidance to help alleviate certain regulatory requirements considering the ongoing global pandemic. These temporary changes – applicable to all regulated entities, including cities and towns, counties, energy, mining and agriculture – do not absolve our industries and public utilities from operating safely but rather serve as a recognition of the truly unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves.

As representatives of industries and public utilities, we are confident that our members will continue to comply with all state and federal regulations to the best of their ability because it is ingrained in their ethic and it is the Wyoming way. We strive always to be good stewards of our shared land, water, air and natural resources. The health and safety of our employees, our citizens and our communities are our top priorities – and that includes compliance with environmental standards above and beyond what is required.

We are committed to compliance with existing legal and regulatory provisions and rely on the flexibilities offered by this guidance only to the extent necessary to keep intact the industries that support our communities, to ensure our local water and wastewater facilities can operate, and so that the people of Wyoming can continue to work. As soon as conditions allow, we will stress the need to resume full compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Pete Obermueller,
Petroleum Association of Wyoming

J. David Fraiser,
Wyoming Association of Municipalities

Cindy Delancey,
Wyoming Business Alliance

Jerimiah Rieman,
Wyoming County Commissioners Association

Travis Deti,
Wyoming Mining Association

Jim Magagna,
Wyoming Stock Growers Association

Katie Legerski,
Associated General Contractors of Wyoming