PAW Leadership Series

The May 2023 Leadership Program has been postponed. Check back for future dates.

“I would 100% recommend this to my colleagues. Kari and Scott– great job and great teachers. Very captivating.”


Management & Leadership Essentials provides new and developing leaders with expert perspectives, tools and strategies to cut through chaos and motivate those around you. By integrating simple, time-tested approaches explained in the course, participants will learn how to build a future with stronger employee engagement and productivity.

Through proven techniques honed by Envision Group and used by leading executives worldwide, you’ll discover how to adjust your management approach, communicate more effectively, and gain the confidence and influence you need to thrive in oil and gas.

Earn a Certificate and PD Hours

Earn a Certificate from the Petroleum Association of Wyoming and register up to 16 hours of professional development credits.)

Earn a Certificate and PD Hours

After completing the course, all participants will receive 1.5 hours of personalized leadership coaching.


  • Learn different management strategies for dealing with commonly encountered leadership challenges.
  • Understand the Roller Coaster of Change and how to lead your team through it.
  • Leverage tools like Living Above the Line to deal better with resistance and manage your time more effectively.
  • Set meaningful SMART goals to propel yourself and your organization toward desired outcomes.


Kari Cutting
Kari is a knowledgeable executive and former vice president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. She owns Cutting Edge Consulting and is a facilitator and consultant with Envision Group International.

Scott Donald
Scott is an experienced leadership expert, coach and owner of SBD Growth Strategies. He has extensive experience in leadership training in the oil and gas industry and facilitates workshops and consulting projects on behalf of Envision Group International.

“I thought it was super valuable. For folks who have been through similar training, it’s a great refresher and a ‘hit the reset button’ kind of a moment. I also found it really satisfying to see some of Vaquero’s newer managers have some of those “aha” moments and watch them grow.” -PAW Board Member Matt Smith, Vaquero Energy