PAW Is Hiring: Regulatory Affairs Director Position Open

Regulatory Affairs Director (Counsel)

The Petroleum Association of Wyoming is seeking candidates for a new Regulatory Affairs Director position. PAW’s regulatory work spans the breadth of local, state and federal agencies. A Regulatory Affairs Director will, in
partnership with the Association President, manage the entire portfolio of governmental agency regulatory actions
that impact the natural gas and oil industry. These agencies and governmental entities include, but are not limited

1) United States Department of Interior, including
a. The Bureau of Land Management
b. The Office of Natural Resource Revenue
c. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service
2) The Environmental Protection Agency
3) United States Forest Service
4) United States Department of Energy
5) Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
6) Wyoming Game and Fish Department
7) Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments
8) Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
9) Wyoming Energy Authority
10) Wyoming Geological Survey
11) Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute
12) University of Wyoming

A full description and information on how to apply can be found here.